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International Institute of Teachers Training (IITT) makes a special effort to connect to those who are passionate about the education sector, especially the visionary, young and enterprising women entrepreneurs, to become our Educational Learning Partners.Education industry is one of the best and safest with high returns. It not only has financialbut also a satisfaction quotient..The most reliable workplace for women to startup their own business under total support and guidance of IITT. An individual or an institution looking to start or expand business within the education sector, school administrators intending to create own space in the society, the quality conscious individuals who are genuinely interested in shaping careers are our ideal business partners. To combine your networks and skills with our expertise in International Teaching practices, we invite not franchise but partnership applications from those with a proactive approach and zeal to witness comprehensive growth.

Become Our Education Learning Partner

We at the Institute of International Teachers Training is dedicated to imparting high-quality teachers training in the Montessori, Pre Primary and Primary field and as a leading player in the educational sector, we wish to expand Worldwide. You can become part of this expansion by becoming our Educational Learning Partner and grow with us.

What is a franchise?

As we all know that Franchising is a method for expanding a business and thereby achieving growth. In this process, the distribution of goods and services take place through a licensing relationship. The ‘franchisors’ are the owners who sell their rights to the third parties who are the ‘franchisees’. However, in the process, the franchisors will specify the products and services that the franchisees can offer.

What is an ELP?

As said earlier that ELP is the Educational Learning Partner. This system is same as the traditional franchisee model except for a couple of differences.

The ELP model is applicable only in the educational sector where companies work together as learning partners in providing education to students. In the ELP model both the parties tend to work hand in hand to achieve growth. In and as ELP-s the companies work together to innovate, sell and promote the product and services. The objective of the ELP is to strengthen the business partnership for the benefit of both and the model harbours expansion for the partners that lead to a win-win situation. As a flexible model, the partners can also strengthen customer relationships.