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Who Should Attend

We at the Institute of International Teachers Training provide various teachers training courses for aspirants. These courses are designed according to the international model of Pre and Primary education and Child Health and Hygiene. Special emphasis is given to teaching-learning methods such as environmental science, numbers, language etc. to help in the development of cognitive and social abilities. Candidates will learn to teach students through art, music, story-telling and other technologies.

Teaching at IITT is carried out using innovative methods so that students can grasp the concepts easily. The candidates will get extensive trainer support via phone, email, and WhatsApp and these courses can be taken by anyone who wishes to become a teacher. A detailed overview of the eligibility criteria can be found on our courses page.

Since a pre and primary teacher plays a crucial role in the education and upbringing of a child, the trainers at IITT include classroom management in the pre and primary teaching courses. The trainers provide hands-on training to all candidates who take up the course.

Candidates from any profession can take up our courses. The curriculum is devised in such a way that candidates from professions other than teaching will find it easy to follow. Let us now take a look at who can attend our courses.

Our courses can be taken by anyone irrespective of their professions. The courses are also designed in such a way that students can quickly grasp the concepts. Below is a list of candidates who can attend our courses


As a homemaker, you can utilize your free time by teaching in a Pre, Primary, Montessori or a Nursery school. There are plenty of teachers training courses available and you can select one that suits your preferences. After the completion of a course, you will be able to take up teaching as a part-time, or a full-time career.

Career Changers

All of our teachers' training courses can be taken up by career changers. If you are looking to change your career to teaching, the International Diploma and International Advanced Diploma are the right courses for you. Today, pre and primary teachers are highly demanded so completing this course will enable you to become teachers in any school across the world.


Teachers play an important role in creating responsible human beings. However, if you are a teacher but do not have the knowledge of the teaching procedures that are employed at schools, you might not be able to achieve career growth. Therefore, taking up the courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge of teaching and the certificate after that will enable you to become an educator in any school across the world.


As an entrepreneur, you can be a teacher as well as an administrator or a supervisor in a school. For this, you can take up the International Diploma in Educational Leadership course as it will equip you with all the skills related to a school framework. You will learn to manage different types of institutions and get knowledge of their frameworks.

Teaching Aspirants

Teachers who wish to impart education to children will find our courses to be the most helpful. Teachers will gain the knowledge of not only teaching children but also to nurture them and help them become caring and responsible human beings.